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San Juan Pools San Juan Pools
San Juan Pools is the worlds largest fiberglass pool manufacturer with manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe, Russia and China.  San Juan distributes its products through a world wide network of independent swimming pool dealers.

Since 1999 San Juan Pools has relied upon Crystal Beach Software for timely and accurate production forecasting, manufacturing and shipping control, sales reporting and highly ranked consumer websites.

Projects for San Juan Pools

Consumer Web Sites:
San Juan Pools maintains websites for its many independent dealers.  We designed the dealer sites such that the dealer may login and modify his site to change the text, images and links.  Here are a few examples of what the dealers have done:

  All Pro Pools, Inc
Blue Water Pools
  Anthony Fiore Const. Inc.
Caribbean Pools and Spas

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Page Rank:
Crystal Beach Software stays abreast of the latest ideas in SEO and has developed proprietary techniques for obtaining high page rank in Google and other search engines.  As a result, San Juan's web site enjoys a first or second position in many fiberglass pool related searches.  High search ranking results in more sales leads and increased sales.

Operations Software:
The heart of San Juan's operation is cloud-base software that handles all aspects of their multi-location manufacturing operation including factory scheduling, raw material inventory and usage statistics, completed product inventory, pool loading and shipping, and sales ordering.

Private Business Web Site:
San Juan's international workforce requires applications that are accessible on-the-go, from industry trade shows to the customer's backyard.  Crystal Beach Software created a multi-tiered CRM application including Sales & Marketing, Inventory, Email Campaigns, Geographic Lead Routing and Customer Satisfaction Surveys.  This online application features role based security which allows specific page access based on the user's role in the San Juan organization.


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